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Service features

Water wave

No stopping hospitality for our customers. Once the equipment is stopped, the work that was being circulated will be delayed and the service to the customer may be affected. It must also prevent the tableware from being used in an unsanitary condition.
In case of equipment problems, MEIKO service engineers are always ready to provide solutions and support you. And in order to speed up restoration, it is necessary to arrange repairs that are always connected, quick on-site repairs, and the preparation of sufficient spare parts. MEIKO offers the best after-sales service on a universal basis.

5 STAR Service System

The bakery is prepared early in the morning and the bar is open late. In addition, hospitals and air catering need to operate the washing machine 365 days a year. At MEIKO, our call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to repair any customer, from 7 am to 12 pm.
Please feel free to contact MEIKO for after-sales service after purchasing the device.

Call center reception hours: 24 hours
Maintenance available back time: AM 7:00 to PM 24:00
Available days: 365 days


MEIKO Service is there for you

Reliable service engineer

MEIKO's service personnel will quickly judge the customer's failure status and lead to recovery. Service engineers receive regular training and constantly brush up their knowledge of products and maintenance. Also, since the service car is fully loaded with parts, we will carry out repairs as soon as possible to minimize the downtime of the washing machine.

Abundant parts inventory

Perhaps the biggest concern with overseas products is the supply of parts. Don't worry. Necessary parts are always in stock at MEIKO's parts center. We will not keep you waiting in case of repair.